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The power of great products

Our commitment

Through the fusion of Eastern traditions and Western science, through research and product line, we are committed to helping you enhance your natural beauty and empower you to live a better life, one that you deserve!

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Our Founder & CEO

Shirly Zeng

Shirly's story is one of resilience, learning, and empowerment. Her journey reflects a commitment to understanding the hurdles individuals face in their pursuit of a better life. By acknowledging and overcoming her own challenges, she became determined to provide others with the tools to do the same.

the combination of heritage and tradition

How it started

Shirly moved to the US as a teenager and attended UCLA. It was during this time that her love for science took off, but she always held onto her Chinese heritage and traditions. Shirly found inspiration in the potential of a proprietary blend of ingredients meticulously crafted through a patented process by Dr. Xu, a pioneering innovator in cellular rejuvenation.

Groundbreaking Ingredients

Driven by results

Driven by a vision to make a positive impact on lives, Shirly took a bold step and reached out to the owner of these groundbreaking ingredients. Her request was for an exclusive right to incorporate them into skincare and other wellness products. This daring move aimed to leverage the transformative potential of Dr. Xu's blend to enhance the well-being of many, marking a pivotal moment in the formation of LifeRegen.

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Products made for you

Skincare for all skin types

Grounded by centuries of traditionally used ingredients, proven by Western science, we are carving a special niche in the growing movement of traditional medicine and self-care. By sharing information, resources, programs and products that follow company beliefs, we hope to help people achieve a better life.