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Oil slick?

I will be 40 in 2 months and I guess this is for skin much older than my own.

I know it says that the guest step to looking young is feeling young, but I didn't want oily high school skin back. I think I will go back to my Clinique skin care that doesn't make me look greasy. I really wanted to like this, too.

Lip treatment

I love this lip treatment. I usually have to apply lip balm several times a day, but this keeps my lips hydrated for most of the day and all night.

You are gonna love it!

Definitely this is the perfect size for keep you on track for a month. You would be noticing the signs of your improvement. I notice changes in my skin and it helps me with GI inflammation. This product is part of my daily life!

Regen Pack
Eyta Bobak
Regen Pack

Joining Life Regen allowed me to not only become affiliated but to discover and try amazing 21 century products - natural, holistic but scientifically proven. What a wonderful experience!

Face Problems Eliminated!

As an 18 year old black girl who has struggled with acne/scarring since I was 10, I’ve tried every product on the market and none of them have helped me like LifeRegen’s. With daily use, I’ve seen huge results in the appearance and texture of my skin in only 2 weeks. At first, I only tried the wash (which did wonders), but by adding other products as well, my skin is thriving!

10/10 would recommend

Taking two capsules everyday is now actively part of my routine 30min before I plan to eat. Not only does the product taste good but it has been a total game changer in reducing my bloating.

Moisturized skin everyday!

I fell in love with this bundle when I realized I could achieve moisturized skin all day long and all night long. The texture of the lotion/cream feels amazing on the skin and it leaves that dewy after glow effect. This product has totally transformed my severely dry skin!

GI Balance (30 Capsules)
Hilda Bannister
GI Balance

Wellness and beauty from the inside out! Going on 6 months of using these products and loving the results!

The Everyday Bundle
Hilda Bannister
Loving my age!

Turning 65 soon… renewing, reviving, rejuvenating with LufeRegen

Juvenate Lip Treatment
Miriam suarez
You have to get it

This product is amazing. I always had problems with dry and cracked lips and this product helps me. I use it before go to bed and in my daily basis. You can use it over your favorite lip color and you are going to love the gloss efect on your lips. It is very easy to carry because the size is perfect and you are going to feel your lips vwry refreshing, hydrated and protected.

Business Partner Join Fee
Kelly B
Business Partner fre

Would like to see it go back to $9.99 join fee like during the grand opening period.

Juvenate Essence Toner -120ml
Myrna Rivera Castro

Lo mejor de lo mejor por que no reseca tu rostro , lo deja limpio y fresco para poder aplicar el suero .

Gi balance

Super recomendado para todos , limpia tu intestino y te sientes menos inflamado

Crema de dia

Es super hidrante recomendada aplicar antes del maquillaje , sentiras una piel suave.


Mi favorito 🥰 primero su aroma es divina y al aplicar sientes la cara con mas firmeza e iluminasion.


La ame desde em primer momento, super concentrada no deja tu piel reseca , la deja suave, limpia y lista para aplicar el toner

Crema de Noche

Su rica aroma es divina , concentrada y te hace sentir tu piel suave , hidratada y relajada antes de dormir 🥰

Juvenate Lip Treatment
Myrna Rivera Castro
Tratamiento de Labios

Es super bueno ya que tiene gran durabilidad, humecta los labios y tiene una aroma espectacular ... 20/10 🥰

Business Partner Join Fee
What order

I have not placed any orders and I was told that there wouldn't be any fees ever. I don't want to be part of this company anymore. I resign.

Love the products!

I Love using the day lotion, Serum, night cream and Love, Love the Lip treatment!!

Soft and smooth

I've been using this for about a month and my skin feels soft and hydrated.
The redness on my face has also calmed down.


Love it! No burning, discomfort, or redness. Great addition to your skin care routine.

GI Balance is a must have!

The benefits from a healthy gut with shine through your skin and overall feeling of well being. I also use this product for scars and minor wounds. I puncture the capsules and apply the oil to the skin where healing is needed. The science behind this product is evident.

On the Go Bundle

Everything you need for your daily skin care routine. Great deal!

Lip Treatment

This product is the bomb! If you want softer, fuller lips you need this product. Perfect lip moisturizer for all seasons. Struggle with chapped lips, this is for you.